Davidsonia Gin (Available 1 September)

Davidsonia Gin (Available 1 September)


After almost 3 years of development we are thrilled to announce the upcoming release our Davidsonia Gin.

Davidsonia Gin is Animus Distillery's riff on a traditional English sloe gin, with a distinctly Australian intensity and character. We have used a variation of our over-proofed Macedon Dry recipe as a base for steeping the Davidsonia plums, with the spice of this gin beautifully complementing the rich and vibrant character of this unique fruit. With a distinctive palate of sour plum, raspberry and feijoa rounded out by with the juniper, citrus and classic spice of our Macedon Dry Gin, this unique expression is exquisite neat, with a dash of soda and a squeeze of lime, or for a range of distinctive fruit-driven gin cocktails.

Available 1 September 2018
10:00am AEST
Limited Supply

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