Juniper Berry | Juniperus communis

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Juniper Berries are essential to the creation of gin.  The herbaceous aroma that is typically associated with Gin is largely derived from these pungent berries. Their natural oils provide a resinous character to gin. Without Juniper you're probably drinking some kind of vodka.


Capsicum | Capsicum annuum

Used in:  Arboretum

Grown on our estate, fresh red capsicum’s subtle sweet peppery flavours provide key herbaceous notes for our Arboretum gin.


Cardamom | Elettaria cardamomum

Used in:  Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Known as “The Queen of Spices”, cardamom is used widely throughout Asia and the Middle East, for a diverse range of exotic dishes.  In balance with the other spices in our gin, the sweet floral notes of cardamom add further richness and complexity.


Angelica Root | Angelica archangelica

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum 

A commonly used ingredient in gin, the natural oils from angelica root provide a savoury depth and length on the palate, and enhance the texture of gin to provide a rich mouthfeel.

Bay leaves.jpg

Bay Leaf | Laurus nobilis

Used in: Arboretum 

We use young bay leaves grown on our estate to ensure the freshest contribution to our Arboretum gin. The distinctive oils of bay leaf provide herbaceous complexity to this gin. 

Bush tomato.jpg

Bush Tomato | Solanum centrale

Used in: Arboretum 

Native to the arid areas of central Australia, the native bush tomato has distinctive, rich tamarillo and caramel notes that add depth and balance to our Arboretum gin.


Cloves | Syzygium aromaticum

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

The aromatic flower buds of a large evergreen tree, cloves are a traditional spice used in many exotic cuisines. Used in small quantities due to their potency, cloves provide a layer of sweet and spicy warmth, along with depth and body to our gin.


Cinnamon | Cinnamomum cassia

Used in: Macedon Dry

This aromatic bark provides a warm pepperiness on the nose, and soft spice on the palate to bring additional structure and complexity to our gin.

Coriander seed.jpg

Coriander Seeds | Coriandrum sativum

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Another vital botanical ingredient next to juniper and for good reason - they just work so well together. Also an essential addition to any gin, coriander seeds introduce woody notes with a citrus edge that add warmth and spiciness to the final product.


Lemon Myrtle | Backhousia citriodora

Used in: Macedon Dry

A native of Queensland, and now grown on our estate. The leaves of the lemon myrtle tree provide a uniquely Australian citrus edge and sweet aromatic complexity to our gin.


Mandarin | Citrus reticulata

Used in: Ambrosian

A sweet and unique fruit that provides a distinctive Asian influence to our Ambrosian gin. The oils of the mandarin rind provide a unique character which harmonises perfectly with white sesame and kaffir lime leaf, while the flesh of the mandarin provides a freshness and depth to our Ambrosian gin.


Sarsaparilla Root | Smilax ornata

Used in: Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Complementing the delicate balance of all the other elements of our distillation, sarsaparilla root assists in rounding out the body of our gin.


White Sesame Seed | Sesamum indicum

Used in: Ambrosian

White sesame contributes wonderful oils to our Ambrosian gin, to provide a rich mouthfeel on the front palate, along with a delicious nutty length.


Galangal | Alpinia galangala

Used in: Ambrosian

Galangal is a root within the ginger family, which provides a distinct spicy floral note and South East Asian influence to our Ambrosian Gin. We use fresh galangal root, which harmonises with the ginger and turmeric notes to provide an earthy and warm finish to our Ambrosian gin.


Lemon thyme | Thymus sitriodorus

Used in: Arboretum

Lemon thyme provides a distinct herbaceous sweetness to our Arboretum gin. We use fresh lemon thyme grown on our estate.


Mountain Pepper Berry | Tasmannia lanceolata

Used in: Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Mountain Pepper Berry is a piquant and peppery spice native to South Eastern Australia. These small berries provide a unique earthy pepperiness and warmth to the back palate, and a distinctly Australian character to our gin.


Star Anise | Illicium verum

Used in: Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Star Anise boasts a strong licorice flavour, used in very small quantities through our gins.  The natural oils of this bitter sweet spice compliment the delicate balance of the other spices in our gins, and provide a rich mouthfeel and length to the palate.


Ginger | Zingiber officinale

Used in: Ambrosian

Fresh ginger compliments the citrus notes of our gin, while providing distinct spicy warmth and length.  We use the freshest and youngest ginger available to provide the uplifting and peppery notes on the palate and finish.


Lemon | Citrus limon

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Lemon is essential for the tart freshness of our gin, and to provide balance to the richer spices. We prepare the rind and flesh of all our citrus separately, to ensure the perfect balance to our spirits; the rind provides the rich citrus oils in our gin, while the flesh rounds out the fresh characters of our gin.


Orange | Citrus sinensis

Used in: Arboretum

The aromatic notes of orange zest provide a depth and richness to our Arboretum gin, with just a hint of bitterness and oily mouthfeel that perfectly compliments the fresh herbaceous elements. The flesh of the oranges provides additional fresh citrus characters to round out the balance of our Arboretum gin.


Strawberry Gum Leaf | Eucalyptus olida

Used in: Arboretum

Native to northern New South Wales, strawberry gum leaves provide a distinctively Australian edge to our Arboretum gin. Strawberry gum is best described as having an intriguing combination of sweet cinnamon, musk and strawberry aroma, with a unique delicate eucalyptus edge. Strawberry gum adds wonderful herbaceous and floral notes, along with a hint of menthol on the palate and nose.

Kaffir lime leaf.jpg

Kaffir Lime Leaf | Citrus hystrix

Used in: Ambrosian

Kaffir lime leaf provides a distinctive South East Asian influenced flavour to our Ambrosian gins. Grown on our estate, we use only the youngest new-growth leaves to ensure the freshest contribution to our gin.


Lime | Citrus aurantiifolia

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry

Lime provides a sweet aromatic that enhances the zesty citrus notes within all our gins. Lime compliments the lemon notes and provides additional depth to the fresh elements on the front palate.


Rosemary | Rosmarinus officinalis

Used in: Arboretum

Well known for its pleasant aroma, this powerhouse botanical adds a fresh herbaceous and slightly resinous edge to our gin. It addition to being used in the production of spirit, we suggest a small sprig of rosemary as a garnish to your classic G&T.


Turmeric | Curcuma longa

Used in: Ambrosian | Macedon Dry | Arboretum

Our turmeric is grown in the temperate climate of northern New South Wales, and used fresh in our gins. Fresh turmeric adds an earthy depth to our gin, and provides a rich and warming character to the mid palate.