Upcoming Animus Distillery gin releases

Thanks to everyone who attended our World Gin Day celebrations on the 3-day long weekend earlier this month. We celebrated our love for gin with the first sampling of our two upcoming Animus Distillery gin releases; Davidsonia gin and our first Barrel-Aged gin. 

Both gins were available as part of several World Gin Day gin flights, highlighting these entirely new gin expressions alongside our Macedon Dry Gin. 

Davidsonia 01.jpg

With both creations scheduled for release later this year, it was exciting for us to share a taster of what’s been happening behind the distillery doors and the response was overwhelming, with many visitors disappointed the gins are not yet ready to buy. (Sorry about that!)

Davidsonia Gin

Native Australian Davidson plums have been steeping in our Macedon Dry gin for 18 months before being ready to bottle.  With a hint of sweetness to balance the natural acidity and sour flavours, our deep crimson Davidsonia gin is rich with fresh and vibrant citrus & plum flavours on your front palette closing with a hint of tannins.  

With final preparations underway, our newest gin expression should be available in the next two months.  As we finalise our product release schedule, our email newsletter subscribers will be the first to know of tasting events ahead of the product release.

Davidsonia 07.jpg

Barrel-Aged Gin

Our first barrel-aged gin is a unique recipe based on our Macedon Dry, with less mountain pepper berry and a dramatic increase in fresh zesty lemon.   We love sustainability in everything we do, so when we recently emptied one of our very own whisky barrels, we just had to take the opportunity to fill it with fresh gin!   This is an ex-port barrel that matured some of Animus Distillery’s first whisky product for 2.5 years before that whisky was re-homed to a second barrel.  

The intensity of flavours already extracted from this barrel are showing great signs for this product; a sweetness from the ex-port, ex-whisky oak barrel, balanced with subtle spices of the Macedon Dry gin. Smooth on the palate that belies its cask strength ABV.  

We hope it to be ready later this year; but like everything we do, we won’t be rushing it!  Our early tastings tell us that it will be well worth the wait.

Barrel Aged 02.jpg

We will share our confirmed release dates with you via email and social media in the coming weeks.   Be the first to hear about upcoming events and release dates for these new gins by joining our email newsletter and following us online.

The Spirit Geeks at Animus Distillery.

Dan Wilson