Junipalooza 2016

Juni - Abbreviation of Gin’s signature botanical.

Palooza - Noun. A party, celebration or festival.

Junipalooza - Dozens of Gin makers in one room, sharing their love of Gin, serving up samples, accompanied by stellar bars, a range of talks and guests having the best time!

Launched in London in 2012, Junipalooza is considered there premiere gin show in the world. 2016 was the inaugural year for the show extending out into Melbourne, brought together by two established voices within the gin industry, THE GIN QUEEN & GIN FOUNDRY. There was special emphasis on celebrating the Australian Gin makers and this will be the first time so many of them will all be in one place at the same time, serving up their gins for your delectation.

Animus Distillery launched our first two gin expressions at this sensational event, to a great reception. So many gin geeks in one room at the same time, it was difficult to know which gin to taste first and although it was busy, we certainly made time to meet as many distillers as we could and taste gin of course!


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